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SoCal Cosplay group that's made up of sugar, spice, and all that other stuff! We're four girls who love to play dress up. We never lost the fantasy of being a princess or a superstar....just our inhibitions!
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madstatler Asked: ! Commissions? As in, commissioned costumes?

Yes! I commission costumes for people for a living. Sewing has been my passion for the last 6 years of my life. Cosplay, specifically, for the last 4. I am running out of Fall opening for commissions. I have one space left currently. BUT I will be reopening in November for the winter months! Thanks for the question <3 


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Anonymous Asked: Oh my gosh, I am in love with your cosplay. You are PERFECT as the Disney princesses. I saw your pictures, and my first thought was that you were those employees at Disney parks. Sorry if this is an odd amount of excitement, but I thought you should know that you women are fantastic!

Thank you so much!! I’m flattered (as are the rest of the girls!) Hearing things like that really make our day. Its so nerve wracking to take on a costume by Disney because they already strive for perfection >.<” I’m blown away by your comment. Thanks again <3


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Ask away!!

We’d love to get to know you guys better! Ask us some questions…tell us what cons you will be attending! We don’t bite :) 

In addition, There is one remaining slot for commissions from now until November. After the end of November they will reopen! Send me an ask if you would like more details and I will respond in privet <3 

—Dem (of Fisticuff Cosplay)

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moxana Asked: What cosplays do you lovely ladies have on your "to-do" list? I'm looking forward to seeing them! Such amazing work, you should be really proud! :3

Thats actually a really great question!! We are looking forward to doing some more Disney, as well as an Avengers cosplay in the future.

Also, you can expect to see a Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Cosplay sooner rather than later ;)

But first up is a little surprise for yaoi con ;) Hope to see you there!

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marisuga Asked: You guys are from SoCal? Me too :D (well and a lot of other people of course hehe)

:D Yes we’re all from SoCal <3 

Also, thanks for letting us know!! We cycle through cosplays so I’m not sure when we’ll be doing Disney again, but when we do we can talk about cons :3!! 

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butterscotchbullets Asked: Just wanted to say I saw you girls at Fanime and thought you all looked amazing! Didn't know that one of you made all of the dress. Very impressive work. Keep it up :)

Thank you so much!! Who were you cosplaying?! 

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